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#TBT to that time we gave this lil' Mexicano Julio a signed #MetalAllegiance guitar #HouseOfBluesAnaheim #TeachMetalToKids #PositiveMetalRoleModel #MexicanMetalKid #JulioIsABadass #alaverga
LOS MANGINS #beyondblessed #afamilythatslaystogetherstaystogether @afflictionclothing NJ visit then this pic taken inside @melissammangin's old @marciano store hangin w three smoking hot girls she hired! #heynow - So proud of my girls and love them too much!!!#MyaMaria #MelissaMangin #AvaMarisol
Today is #NationalMargaritaDay & this jalapeño spicy one is my absolute fav drink EVER! #FukkinSlayerMarg #AMargADayKeepsTheDoctorAway (organic lime juice, #tanteo jalapeño infused tequila, freshly diced jalapeño, lime sugar salt, ice) - @melissammangin made these with love & in tribute to this day of margarita celebration!!! #QueVivaLaMargarita
#Project #LasVegas @afflictionclothing booth all day today w models @NikkiIllustrated @saraontheinternet & denim up the ass!!! #MandalayBay
15 hrs 4 airports later my bag & me made it to Las Vegas! I slept 4 hrs on this bench inside the Philadelphia airport & the whole thing was a totally cool adventure! My hands & arms fell asleep a few times, and I wrapped my bag straps to my legs so that my shit didn't get ripped off!? But after landing in Vegas, showering & eating @ the #PinkTaco @ the #HardRockHotel I feel way better!!! Thanks shitty weather for canceling my original flight, but super stoked that I made it! I'll be in Vegas till Thursday w @afflictionclothing @ #Project and looking forward to it all!!! Ya like my choice of airport socks!?! Haha! 😎💨
Totally impressed & having fun inside NYC @SIRIUSXM studio w @apocalypticaofficial @frankyperezmusic @SXMOctane #Unleaded on NOW!!! Also available on SiriusXM OnDemand and replays Tuesday 5pE & Thursday 10pE over the satellites! These guys are so frikkin talented & I had a blast with them!!! Pick up their new CD #ShadowMaker on April 15th and catch them on the road w SixxAM! What a kick ass #OctaneUnleaded!!!
.@Periphery Interview & Takeover on SiriusXM Octane / SiriusXM 37 Saturday, Feb. 14 @ Noon ET / 9am PT Sunday, Feb. 15 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT Liquid Metal / SiriusXM 40 Saturday, Feb. 14 @ 7pm ET / 4pm PT Sunday, Feb. 15 @ 10pm ET / 7pm PT Monday, Feb. 16 @ 5pm ET / 2pm PT Spencer Sotelo (vocals) and Matt Halpern (drums) from Maryland’s PERIPHERY stop by SiriusXM’s NYC headquarters for an interview with host Jose Mangin talking about their biggest headlining tour to date that wraps up this weekend, the success of their double album release Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega (Sumerian Records), video games, chicks at rock shows, and why Periphery gets so involved with their fans. Plus hear the guys each pick out channel appropriate songs from Gojira, Sikth, Decapitated, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails and more! @mattbandhappy
#MyaMaria & I enjoying #HorrorMovieNightWithDad #FridayThe13th #TheFinalChapter kill kill kill kill ah ah ah ah #JasonRules
She's my sugar mama & my Rock. Successful sexy power boss loving wife mom @melissammangin #HappyValentinesDay weekend #15 #afamilythatslaystogetherstaystogether
#TBT Andrew's @therivasproject house before Metal jam session Douglas AZ 1990-91? Rockin my fav shirt #Testament #SoulsOfBlack & as always throwin the HORNZ! Thanks Assjuice for sending me this old skool pic my brother and get your ass over to NJ/NYC so we can jam the fuk out! Plus you can tell stupid Jose stories on air from back in the day and embarrass the shit out of me!!! #MetalBrother #DudeThatHelpMakeMeMoreMetal #OnceAMetalheadAlwaysAMetalhead #Lifer #MetalForLife
#NAMM2015 #NammJam #DelveTexas @afflictionclothing w #Testament vocalist @chuckfknbilly & Sonny @rockmywalls #ChuckBilly #NativeBlood #MetalOrbGrip #ClawsOfMetal #alaverga
Interviewing #NormanReedus @bigbaldhead @amcthewalkingdead #siriusxm @sxmoctane @sxmliquidmetal #TheWalkingDead #DarylDixon picked out music from #Anthrax #Motorhead #NapalmDeath #Volbeat #Metallica to feature in his 2nd special for @siriusxm hard rock channels #LiquidMetal & #Octane f'yeah!!!!!!!! Can't wait for tonight's season 5 part 2 premiere!!! @melissammangin is making tacos for us & I'm making the bloody jalapeño margaritas w a bowl outside for the ZoMBIES!!!!!!!! As always, a huge THaNX to Norman for always being such a cool dude, who just so happens to be part of my family's favorite TV show THE WALKING F'n DEAD!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------> Catch one more airing of my special w Norman TONIGHT 8pE / 5pP on Liquid Metal!
Zombie slayer & ROCK fan #NormanReedus @bigbaldhead @amcthewalkingdead @siriusxm drinking #PorkSlap beer from my office before his #EntertainmentWeekly #SXMTownHall special rockin my #jagermeister koozie! Haha! He's such a badass and keeping in contact w him over the last two years paid off bc the ONLY thing he did besides #EW was my show! TUNE IN----> Tonight 7pE AND 10pE on @sxmliquidmetal (replays Sat 9pE & Sun 8pE) plus on during my @sxmoctane show tomorrow Sat 12pE & Sun 2pE!!! Find out what three songs he picks to play & what his fav horror movie is! And of course watch part 2 season 5 premiere Sunday night 9p on #AMC! I know #MyaMaria #AvaMarisol @melissammangin and I can't wait!! #TheWalkingDead #DarrylDixon #siriusxm #LiquidMetal #Octane
WIN $750 shopping spree w #VinniePaul #Hellyeah @afflictionclothing Vegas store TOMORROW before their headlining show at Brooklyn Bowl at the start of their US tour!!! Post any pic on #Instagram using hashtag #HellyeahAffliction and MAKE SURE YOU CAN BE IN VEGAS TOMORROW AFTERNOON to enjoy the experience of frikkin clothing shopping w one of the sickest drummers and dudes alive Mr. Vinnie Fukkin Paul!!! Good luck and have fun with VP tomorrow at the #Affliction store inside the Hard Rock!!! @vinniepaul3 @panteraofficial #getchapull