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Meet my co-host all week #IronMaidenRadio #BruceDickinson @siriusxm @sxmliquidmetal from NYC to LA we are proud to present a ton of exclusive #IronMaiden content for the next seven days! It's a labor of love and hope you enjoy! All of this in celebration of the NEW Maiden album #TheBookOfSouls out this Friday! Thank YOU! #UpTheIrons 📷 @whatsintheb0x in NY! \m/
#MyaMaria & I became #ozzyosbourne "snowmen" today #EpicFest soaked in Metal & loving it! @ozzyosbourne @blasko1313 @gusgofficial @epicrecords @melissammangin @afflictionclothing @mya_mangin5673 - THANX @metalfent again for inviting my familia out to this holy wow event, we ALL had a blast!!!
#EpicFest Culver City CA w @sharonosbourne & my girls #MyaMaria #AvaMarisol @melissammangin right before @ozzyosbourne took the stage at a VIP event that #EpicRecords threw today under the hot SoCal sun! Great seeing so many friends & #Ozzy @blasko1313 @gusgofficial nailed it LIVE!!! We saw all sorts of celebs & badasses like #RobHalford #Ciara #bigboi #future #ThrownIntoExile @zeenakoda #JohnFenton #BigDave #lareid & more! I was so excited for my family to meet Sharon, as they're all big fans! And today I wore my Ozzy cologne and had Sharon smell my collar, haha! She instantly had a huge smile on her face! So much love for her, today was f'in awesome! @siriusxm #ozzysboneyard @sxmliquidmetal @sxmoctane @afflictionclothing
Backstage interview #MattTuck @bfmvofficial #saltlakecity on @sxmoctane NOW! ThanX @drandallblythe for 📷!!! If you miss this @siriusxm special it'll air one more time tomorrow 2pE/11aP! I carry my recorder around everywhere I go and this interview came at around 1am in Utah as the guys were all winding down. Actually Matt was messing around on a ukulele w #JohnCampbell @lambofgod when I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing a quickie for #octane! Some amazing on-air hangs over the years started off exactly like this! Note to all journalists & radio folk: always be ready - always be ON! #BulletForMyValentine #SummersLastStandTour @melissammangin @afflictionclothing #livefast
One thing about living in California... 💨 #decriminalize @observatoryoc @gpen 8.22 @fearfactory @coalchamberofficial @dinocazares @dezfafara @sxmliquidmetal @afflictionclothing #afflictionmetalnight #jagermusic @jagerusa @kyngband @kyngbasstone @kyngpepe @californiafinest_420
#jimmykimmel outdoor concert w mutha fukkin @lambofgod NOW YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING TO DIE FOR!!! @drandallblythe @adler_chris @willadler #MarkMorton #JohnCampbell --- Watch it on TV tonight @jimmykimmel @jimmykimmellive #LambOfGod @melissammangin @shannongunz @kyngpepe @sxmliquidmetal @afflictionclothing #alaverga
#Repost @thegrammys @panteraofficial @dimebagdarrellofficial @vinniepaul3 @rexbrownofficial @philiphanselmo #VulgarDisplayOfPower stoked to be part of the @thegrammys the ARTISTS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE see below thanX Andie!...... ------------------“It’s an album from start to finish that is metallically perfect. Pantera infiltrated my life in so many hardcore ways that, to this day, I worship at the altar of all four of those dudes. And god rest Dimebag Darrell, who is up in the heavens with his pink beard looking down upon us. He has been a guiding light in my life ever since I met him when I was 16 years old. He was the coolest dude to me… I was a little teenager and he treated me like I was the president of a record label. I never forgot how special he made me feel on that day. I walk this Earth always thinking ‘What would Dime do?’ – WWDD. I live by that code and this album forever changed my life… I sing songs from this album in my sleep.” – @josemangin on an album that changed his life, Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power ••• Tell us what an album(s) means to you and why and tag your photos with #InMyCollection. Every Wednesday we will be featuring a story from a fan or artist about an album that means the most to them ‘in their collection’. Then check back every week to see if it’s featured. Please add #InMyCollection only to your own photographs.
Introducing the almighty @lambofgod to 10K Utah heathens this past Friday! Tune in @sxmliquidmetal next few days for exclusive hang with ALL 5 Richmond brothers in #LambOfGod recorded raw and real inside their dressing room in Salt Lake City right before this picture was taken! Check out our special @siriusxm #LiquidMetal today (Wed) 5pm ET / 2pm PT and 8pm ET / 5pm PT w more encores Thurs 3pm ET / Noon PT, Fri 10am ET / 7pm PT, Sat 9pm ET / 6pm PT & Sun 2pm ET / 11am PT! All hail LAMB OF GOD and if you have not already go see them on the #SummersLastStandTour w @slipknot #BulletForMyValentine & #MotionlessInWhite you won't regret it promise! Devil scout's honor! 😈 --- THaNX @drandallblythe @adler_chris @willadler #JohnCampbell #MarkMorton
Salt Lake City Utah w @lambofgod for their 1st all band interview @sxmliquidmetal @siriusxm 📷 @melissammangin @drandallblythe @adler_chris @afflictionclothing #JohnCampbell #WillieAdler #MarkMorton
Some close to my heart #Dimebag jewels in life that I wanted to share w you on #DimeDay -like you, I've been glued to @siriusxm @sxmliquidmetal all day absorbing his music & spirit through his riffs, friends, words, family and fans... This is far beyond my favorite day of the year as it relates to my channel, and we love sharing all this precious audio with you! I know how much it means, I am first and foremost a fan first. On air today I told the story of when I met Dime when I was a teenager. In this pic are two things he gave me that night... The Coors Light can and the FBD poster he, Rex & Vinnie signed. Those represent my life long devotion to the man and how cool he treated me that night in Arizona. It was also was a lesson in how to treat your fans that I will never forget. The painting is from my friend from Texas, Luis' brother Hector made if for #RideForDime years back and I got original!?! The @fourspeed_ pendant @dimebagzhag gave me (love you Rita!) and I lost it once in streets of NYC and somehow found it when I retraced my speed walk. It was like me and it had a tracking device inside?! One time some psychic girl held it and said she felt so much positive energy radiating from it was intense to the touch! Well I wear that necklace every single day and it's always touching my heart so I guess it would hold a lot. Last but not least the wood razor blade my friends @deanguitars gave me, it's from Dime & Rita's backyard tree! ----- well thanks for reading this and let's close in song - Sing it with me... "And these are a few of my favorite things!" Much love Dimebag, I always have your back and Happy Birthday! Say what's up to Dio, Cole Burke and the others throwing back heavenly #BlackTooths!!! @dimebagdarrelllegacy @dimebagdarrellofficial @dimebaghardware @panteraofficial #333
Hey Cali friends, tonight I'm helping host comedy show for @siriusxm host & @afflictionclothing artist @JimFlorentine @ The Gaslamp in Long Beach w comedians Dean Del Ray & Lindsay Howe plus #Ratt tribute band #OutOfTheCellar! Hope to see some of you tonight for laughs, drinks & Hair Metal!!!
#LasVegas #HardRock @afflictionclothing store hang w #UFC badass @officialcainvelasquez THANX to him and his awesome wife @mrsmichellev for being so frikkin cool/fun during our night out rolling through Vegas w #Affliction #Buckle friends! Found out Cain is an Arizona raised hell raiser, loves Mexican music (everything from mariachi to #Mana to #ControlMachete!), and he taught us how to choke hold a mutha trucker! Right after this pic they made fun of me all night b/c I'm not supposed to smile in this prison/cholo pose but sometimes I can't help myself!?! 😎 Look forward to sending Michelle & Cain some #salsa from @carinas_cocina and having them over for tacos y tequila! #cainvelasquez #razastrong #alaverga
Doing my @siriusxm @sxmliquidmetal show from #HardRock Hotel & Casino in #LasVegas today! #NoRestForTheWicked
#RideForDime2015 channeling @philiphanselmo w #TheFuckingPanteraCoverBand singing Revolution Is My Name on stage last night #RideForDime #GasMonkeyLive #Dallas #Texas - honored as all hell to belt out one of my fav @panteraofficial songs w these Atlanta boys, it's actually my 2nd time jamming w them! They are by leaps and bounds one of the sickest #Pantera cover bands in WORLD! All members smoked and ripped through cut after cut w ease & vulgar grace!!! Thanks to my friend from #DeathRattle for filming this jam!!! BTW our new @afflictionclothing RFD shirts we made (wearing it) this year f'in rule!!! Lots of compliments on the design this time around! Thanks @ericfoss73! @dimebagdarrelllegacy @dimebagdarrellofficial @dimebaghardware @sxmliquidmetal #jagermusic @jagerusa @dimebagzhag